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Brexit: what is going to change?

As we all know, Brexit became a reality since we say goodbye to 2020 and started the new year.

We have tried to collect some info that explain a bit what is going to change for travellers, students, expats (already in the Country) and expats-wanna-be.

What if you are already in the Country

If you are an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen and currently living in the UK all your rights remain the same until 30/06/2021. After this date, you must have a new document to stay. You should then request the Settlement Scheme to receive the settled or pre-settled status that is nothing more than a document confirming you have the permanent or temporal status to remain in the UK. The submission of the settlement scheme is free of charge and can be sent till 30/06/2021. Basically you only need your document to apply for this status.

What if you want to move to UK after Brexit:

1- If you move for work you need to apply for a VISA, the system of it is point-based. In addition to that you must have already an offer from a company, must be fluent in English and have a minimum salary of £ 25,600 per year. To get the VISA you must have a minimum of 70 points (each point is related to your skills, school level and experiences). For example if you have a PhD or you are a professor you get already between 10 and 20 points even if your basic salary is under the given level. Anyway it must not be less than £ 20,480 per year.

2- If you are a student and you are supposed to move to the UK for a period longer than 6 months you must pay for your VISA, the cost should be £ 348 and the request and payment can be handled online or in person to the ambassy. The good news is that all students will receive a 25% discount on their Immigration Health Surcharge, to compensate a bit the cost of the VISA. If, after the University, you want to remain in the Country, from July 2021, it would be available the Graduate Route. Thanks to this document students can stay for other 2 years in the Country (3 if you have got a PhD) and have the time to find a job that allows them to get the Settled Status and the VISA (point 1).

What if you are just a traveller:

If you are an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen there are some changes but these are the same that we have when we travel to other Continents. The big difference is that in general everyone needs to show the passport and cannot travel anymore only with the ID. The process of Brexit is long and it will be ended only in 2025, that time we’ll probably have to apply for an ETA in order to enter the Country.

In conclusion, we can definitely say that there are some changes and some limitations but not so complicated and not even so many. Traveling to UK will be still easily possible (I use my passport to go everywhere nowadays).

The work and study situation imposes some limits and we’ll see less people moving for a living-test or to learn better the language (unless you stay less than 6 months).

Good luck to all the expat in UK who follow The Expat Magazine and to all the Wanna-be. If we missed any info, share it with us an we’ll be more than happy to update the article

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