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Envisioning Your Life Abroad: 7 Questions to Live the Experience of Your Dreams

In order to lead a fulfilling life as an expat, we’ve got to stay true to our inner values, goals, and lifelong dreams — no matter if this is our first post or our twentieth. When we give ourselves permission to imagine the experience unfolding perfectly, we begin to carve a path forward. In doing so, we grant ourselves permission to create it.

Ask yourself these 7 questions as you envision your next path:

1: What do youtrulywant out of this experience?

2: What are you longing for?

3: What does living in a new location give you that is missing now?

4: How does this expat assignment align with the long-term vision of your life?

5: What impact does this experience have?

6: What makes expat living as good as it can get?

7: When you envision this perfect life overseas, how do you feel?

8: What is one step you can take tomorrow to set the course?

Think deeply about each question and journal your responses, keeping the answers focused on you, your dreams, and what is within your realm of control. Consider partnering with an expat coach to make this work more profound. Together you will align and articulate your values, create resonant action, and map out your future course — and along the way, you’ll have a clear sounding board and voice of experience to help navigate.

Whether reflecting solo or with a coach, the most important step is to find the longing; find the dream of what you truly envision for your life abroad.

Then set your compass to make your want a reality.

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