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Tech Skills With High Salaries For A Better Future After Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has made many people rethink a lot of things in their lives. They may have to reconsider what their goals are. If you belong to this group, learning a tech skill is always an excellent choice. Here are some tech skills with high salaries that will allow you to have a better future after the virus is over. And if you want to get a tech job to become a freelancer, be sure to check our travel tips section.

Big Data Analytics

With most people around the world using smart devices, data has become the new and most attractive currency for business. Only on Instagram, 95 million videos and photos are shared every day. That is only the things we share on purpose, but data also includes unstructured information like what type of content we like, how much time we look at a photo before giving it a ‘like’, and much more.

All these billions and billions of pieces of information generated every second are called Big Data. Our brain isn’t fast enough to process all this in a lifetime. Much less to make some kind of sense out of this. That is why big data analytics used advanced methods to organize and analyze these massive amounts of data and get powerful insights in return. According to ZipRecruiter, professionals in this area make, on average, $130,000 per year.

Cloud Computing

One of the technologies that have become quite popular is cloud computing. It is the delivery of computing power, storage, and software through the Internet. Many companies prefer it because they only have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription to get all the computing they need instead of investing in buying and maintaining powerful digital structures.

The most popular by far is Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. But it has become one of the tech skills in high demand in the last few years. It means being proficient with any of these cloud services and being able to use them successfully. For example, a software engineer may need to know how to build applications and online platforms using AWS.

The average salary for professionals in cloud computing is $117,000. So, if you are looking for a new skill to complement your current career or to change to a new one, you may look into cloud computing.

Project Management

Project management is essential in almost any type of business, no matter the industry, or at least in the ones that have project-based operations. Project managers manage the team working on a project, make schedules, plan how to reach results, and analyze how to improve the process for the future. In technology, this position is known as product managers.

Depending on the niche, they also have to have other skills and qualifications. For example, a product manager in aweb developmentcompany should have some knowledge on how to create a website and all that is required. A project manager in the US makes around $85,000 per year, while a product manager makes $104,000.

Another plus of this tech skill is that you can learn it in a few months with a coding bootcamp. You will learn everything you need to take a role as a project manager in no time. You can check out Career Karma, where they have more information about how it is to be a project manager, and you can compare different courses.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app developers are the ones that develop, deploy, and maintain mobile applications for different operating systems like Android and iOS. Mobile apps have become quite popular since the boom of smartphones and devices. They can create applications not only for smartphones but for tablets, wearables, TVs, and any other smart appliances.

Learning mobile development requires different skills depending on the platform. For example, some people learn Java for Android development. But the more languages or platforms you know, the better your opportunities will be. The average salary for app developers is around $130,000 per year. And you can learn it easily on your own with free resources or an online course.

In Summary

You can learn big data analytics, cloud computing, mobile app development, or project management to have a better future after Covid-19. All these skills will land you a high paying job, and the investment you have to make to learn them is low in comparison. Start by enrolling in a course or learning by yourself and have a new life in a few months.

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