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Expatriate women: an inspiring story to set up your business

The year was 2005 when Cris and Dani, two Brazilians in their early thirties, arrived together at the Houston International Airport with their husbands and 2.5 month-old babies. Full of dreams, they also had uncertainties and doubts. Their husbands, who worked for the same company in Rio de Janeiro, had been transferred to the United States.

After living in Houston for 3 years, they decided it was time to focus on their careers. So, they set up a company specialized in Graphic Design to serve the local market. However, Cris had to move to another country again, so they ended up expanding the company's operations to other places.

Despite constant changes, they have always remained together in business. When one was in Dubai, the other was in Cincinnati, when one was in Buenos Aires, the other was in Rio de Janeiro until 2019 when they finally met again in Singapore, after so many years apart. Now Idea Studio Co. is stronger than ever specialized not only in branding but also in website for expats.

Set up a business abroad: How to keep a balance between work, family, and social life?

They started to realize that many other women were going through the same challenges. That’s when they understood their main purpose: to help expatriate women set up their business, and fulfill themselves professionally, regardless of constant changes.

Idea Studio Co. is not only a company dedicated to creating meaningful logos and functional websites for other businesses. It is also a Design Studio helping expatriate women find their professional space. Whether growing an existing business or making a career transition to another, that is more suitable to their lives, Idea Studio Co. gives the support needed every step of the way.

For Dani and Cris, the construction of the branding and the website is just the visible part of the work. They go much further, guiding the client in the process of creating and maturing their business idea. They help create the name, find their target audience, brief the website photos, and even how to promote a website on social media after it's launched.

“Seeing a client flourish with her business and finding her professional path is a double bonus: we encourage women entrepreneurs and repeat to ourselves that starting over is always possible." - says Dani Pinaud.

They know it is not easy. Cris Barata is always spot on when stating:“it takes a lot of dedication, expertise, and patience”. They have been doing this for a long time, and they have a unique process that avoids obstacles, without ever losing the client’s best interests. Idea Studio Co. was born with a beautiful, long-lasting friendship and continues to grow worldwide.

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