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Top 12 Countries with the Best Job Opportunities in Europe

Finding the perfect job can seem like a chore, especially when you don’t know where in the world to start! Europe is home to many of the world’s largest companies, as well as some of the most beautiful countries, hence why it is the chosen holiday hotspot of travellers around the globe. If you are looking to earn whilst you travel the continent, or are thinking about moving to Europe permanently then finding great job opportunities before you set off is a must. Here is our guide to finding fantastic job opportunities in Europe based off of the below map from the team at Courses Online.

Researching your move

The first port of call before you embark on your new journey is to see what documents you might need before you can work in Europe. Depending on where you are from you will need to apply for a visa before you work in a European country. If you are from the UK, you can visit the Gov.uk website to see what you need to do in order to work in an EU country and how this has been impacted by Brexit. If you live outside of the UK, then you can visit Europa to see what you need to do before working in a European country. If you are planning to travel or live in another country, then reading up on what insurance you need before you go is also essential.

Where to find work across the nations of Europe

  1. United Kingdom

There are a huge 817,625 jobs available right now in the U.K. there are a huge variety of in demand jobs in the U.K. from delivery drivers to software engineers. Some of the top jobs that are predicted to be the most in demand in 2022 are teachers, veterinary nurses, healthcare professionals and hospitality professionals.

  1. The Netherlands

The Netherlands is significantly smaller than the U.K., however you can still find 341,265 job opportunities here. The most in demand jobs in the Netherlands are in areas such as technology, customer service and agriculture. Finding work in the Netherlands can be tricky if you are not currently living there, but it can be done with the help of online job search websites where most job opportunities are advertised and applied for in the Netherlands.

  1. Belgium

There are currently 170,997 job opportunities in Belgium. The most in demand jobs are in cyber security, marketing, healthcare and Human Resources.

  1. France

France is one of the most popular European countries to visit, travel to and move to. There are 956,427 job opportunities in France. France has an abundance of job opportunities in health and social care, retail and manufacturing. Construction is also a growing industry with many in demand roles available.

  1. Spain

You can find 135,899 job opportunities in Spain, with manufacturing, telemarketing and accounting being some of the most in demand roles. Spain is home to large finance companies such as Santander as well as a huge tourism industry, so you can enjoy longstanding careers with large companies in a range of sectors.

  1. Switzerland

Switzerland has 206,945 vacancies for jobs currently. The most in-demand jobs in Switzerland are in the legal sector and healthcare, as well as engineering. Switzerland also has some of the highest salaries in Europe!

  1. Italy

Italy has 129,413 job vacancies currently available. Italy has many job opportunities for business and administration roles, construction and teaching. They are also seeking computing, mathematics and sales professionals, particularly in their tourism sector as they are a hotspot for travellers and holiday makers all year round.

  1. Germany

Germany has by far the most current job vacancies, with a huge 1,461,217. There are a huge number of job openings for the healthcare sector including doctors, nurses and caregivers. This is due to the ageing population in Germany, so if you are looking for a fantastic job in healthcare, Germany is the place to be.

  1. Greece

There are 8,239 job openings currently in Greece. There are vacancies in a range of sectors, however the most in demand roles are in marketing, engineering and IT.

  1. Sweden

Sweden has 105,714 job vacancies currently. There is always a need for skilled workers in Sweden, as well as experts in the financial sector. Some of the most in demand roles include construction workers, architects, accountants lawyers and civil engineers.

  1. Ukraine

Ukraine is a large country with a huge 175,817 current job openings. Some of the most sought after workers are those with experience in construction, marketing specialists, chefs and sales representatives.

  1. Poland

Poland currently has 185,981 job opportunities. They’re largest sectors are agriculture, tourism and manufacturing, so there is ample opportunity to get work in these areas. The most common job openings are in manual labor roles, drivers, IT and engineering.

The map is available on this link: https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/5787037/

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