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Discover Finland and get inspired!

We have recently found out that not many people of our community (at least on IG) has travelled to Finland 'till now, so we would like to share some info that might make you curious enough to think about travelling there or maybe moving there too, you never know!

To make this article more interesting and realistic, you’ll find some info and curiosities available on the internet as well as some tips provided by Meghan Kitchen.

Let’s start from the basic...

Finland is one of the Nordic Country in Northern Europe, famous for the “Aurora borealis”. It is characterized by warm summers and freezing winters. Finland is also well known for Lapland, have you ever heard of Santa Claus?!😉

Jokes aside, Finland often ranks in high positions when it comes to talk about best Country in the world, and InterNations has put it in the first spot for 2 years consecutive for expatriate families, probably also due to the low cost of childcare and education.

Obviously, there are some struggles being an expat in Finland, language is one of the main factors. 85% of the expats consider it a big obstacle while in Sweden, for example, the percentage goes down to 49%. Is it Finnish so difficult then?! Well, probably it is!

4 facts about Finland:

  • Almost half of Finland’s foreign population lives in Helsinki.
  • There are 187,888 lakes in Finland larger than 500 square meters.
  • You can find around 2 million saunas in Finland. They can be located in city apartments, forest cabins and also in some big companies and state institutions.
  • You can also deep in a lake even if in winter, you may need to cut a hole in the ice first but it is worth the effort.

Explore Finland: Tips from the expert

As said at the beginning, I have asked some help writing this article. So here what who knows better the Country informed me about.

What to eat and drink:

What to see:

  • Suomenlinna is a former fortress and beautiful group of islands to explore. Accessible by boat from Helsinki.
  • Design Museum: an internationally recognized national specialist museum of Finnish design.

I am sure there are so many other interesting places to see, food and drinks to taste and so on, for now I hope I have made you curious enough to add Finland in your wish list if it wasn’t there yet.

A big thanks to Megan from Balancing Culture and Isotta from Eatsperience Madrid

The support and help of the community always amazes us!

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