6 reasons to live in Spain

March 02, 2014
Spain is a mediterranean country in the south of Europe and is one of the country hit by the crisis. Now is slowly recovering, however being a cheap country with a nice weather almost all the year and fabulous people is easy for many expats fall in…
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Holland vs Netherlands

February 25, 2014
Europe is full of history. Netherlands is one of these countries with a long history and for Us living overseas most of this history is completely unknown.This funny video will guide you trough the Dutch history and explain  the difference between…
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5 reasons to live in the Netherlands

February 23, 2014
Netherlands is a country in the North of Europe with 16 million inhabitants and an incredible increasing expat community. The 50% of habitants in Amsterdam don't speak dutch.  Thanks to some “benefits” that the Dutch government gives to them, many…
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