About us

Thexpatmagazine is a passion and a belief for us, it's a blog from expats to expats with the aim to build a community where we are all free to share experiences, stories and top tips. A great way to support each other and to let our voice be heard.

Who's part of this crew to make this happen?

Lorena - SEO & Content Strategist

I’m a Southern Italian living in The Netherlands since quite some years now. I love travelling (of course, right?) and food - which goes for both cooking and eating.

Within Thexpatmagazine Crew, I’m the one all about SEO and content. This includes managing the editorial calendar, assigning blog posts to writers, proofreading and editing before publishing; as well as writing the monthly newsletter, conducting SEO analysis, tracking website traffic and user engagement.

SEO & Content Strategist

Rossella - Social Media Manager

From Sicily to Spain to The Netherlands. It is all about curiosity and challenging, I love my expat life because it gives me the opportunity to know more; and travelling is the cherry on top of the cake.

Within The Expat Magazine Crew, I am the one that manages the social media accounts creating content and advertising to increase brand awareness; as well as being author of blogs occasionally.

Social media manager

Antonio - Founder & Developer

The one who started and believed in this project since the very beginning, and the one taking care of the core of this blog, which would not exist without him.