Advertising on The Expat Magazine

If you are planning to advertise on our website, we are happy to discuss it. We accept different types of advertising as long as they are related to our topics and helpful for our readers.

This is what we accept:

  • Banners. We can put a banner for a month on our home page or blog posts
  • Paid blog posts. if you want to promote your product you can write a blog post. We let you add follow links to your website and product page.
  • Newsletter. We can promote your product on our monthly newsletter.
  • Instagram. We can create posts on instagram with your product photo or link.

The price varies depending on the type of product and promotion you want, for more information contact us at info[at]

We will promote it on all our social media, over 5000 followers in total, and out website ~500 visits a day in average.

if interested get in touch with us info[at]