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Every week we share a new book on our stories on Instagram. These are book that we have personally read (in English) and therefore we want to share our thoughts, what we liked about them, the highlights and also if we found any challenges with the language - considering we are not English native speakers.

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As always, we encourage you to share also your thoughts and, why not, also share the books that you read and found interesting.

The FootlooseBook - Marianna Kisvardai

This book is a guide to turn emotional, mental and spiritual hurdles of travelling and relocation into your happiest opportunities. Explore, observe, sense and learn by sharing.

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The FootlooseBook

Parable of Shower - Octavia E. Butler

It is a science fiction novel written in 1993, but the novel takes place in 2025. While breaks into enclaves and everybody fights for survival, Lauren begins a faithfull journey towards a better future.

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Parable of Shower

Becoming - Michelle Obama

This memoir includes the reflections of the first African-American First Lady. She shares her life, ambitions and thoughts, not just as the First Lady, but as a woman overall.

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Becoming - Michelle Obama

Rebecca - Daphne Du Maurier

An English Ghotic novel of an unnamed young woman who marries a rich widower, and only later discovers that her husband and the household are haunted by the memory of the late first wife.

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Rebecca - Daphne Du Maurrier

The Art of Loving - Erich Fromm

A book to explore the theory, meaning and practice of love and its influence on the shape and course of individual's life.

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The art of loving

The How of Happiness: A New Approach to Getting the Life You Want - Sonja Lyubomirsky

A practical guide on how to get what you want in life. A life changing approach to achieve happiness and fulfillment in everyday's life.

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The How of Happiness: A New Approach to Getting the Life You Want

The Art of Thinking Clearly: Better Thinking, Better Decisions - Rolf Dobelli

An easy and simple book to read that will change they way you think and transform your decision-making at work and at home every day.

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The Art of Thinking Clearly

The Rosie Project - Graeme Simsion

This novel focuses on Don Tillman, a genetics professor who struggles to have a serious relationship with a woman. Thanks to a friend's help, he creates a questionnaire to assess the suitability of female partners.

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The Rosie Project

Emma - Jane Austen

A novel about youthful hubrids and romantic misunderstandings. It involves relationships among people of a small number of families. Austen explores the concerns and difficulties of genteel women living in Georgian-Regency England.

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China Blond - Nicole Webb

Nicole Webb shares her story from a television news reader in Sydney to a mum in the middle of China. A true story of reinvention, love, humor and finding your place in a brand-new world.

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China Blonde

A Diplomatic Spouse - Alexandra Paucescu

A book written by Alexandra, a Romanian woman who’s life changed completely when she married a diplomat. With this book she goes through the diplomatic life with its roller coaster of emotions and mixed feelings.

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A Diplomatic Spouse

The Fiesta Murders - David E Burke

Detectives Frank Harmer and Juan Rodriguez are looking for a serial killer who act during big events in the city. They put all the pieces together to catch the killer.

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The Fiesta Murders