Privacy and Cookies Policy

At The Expat Magazine we take your privacy very carefully. Here is a breakdown of how we use cookies and manage your data when you visit our website.


We have a newsletter where you can register to receive a monthly update on what is happening in the expat world. The newsletter is managed using Mailchimp one of the most trusted newsletter provider in the world. We do not give your email address to third party companies and we do not share it with anyone else. The only reason why we ask you for the email address is that we can then send you the newsletter. Apart from us no one will ever access or read your email address.


We use Google Adsense and, occasionally, affiliate links. Those tools help us to maintain the website and its costs. If you are loggedin in your google account, or you have visited other websites, it might occasionally show you ads that are related with what you have visited on previous websites. This is how Adsense works, you can opt out when visit our website unchecking the statistics box in the banner that appear on top the first time you visit the website. Apart from that we are not aggressive in our advertising as our main goal is to share meaningful and useful contents for our readers like you. Our focus is on contents and not on advertising. You can read more about Adsense and cookies at this article


We use google analytics to track the visits to our site. Unlike adsense this tool is installed in all pages and helps Us to understand what you like the most from our website, so we can keep improving it. We do not have full control of how analytics but we did add some features for keep enforce your privacy when visiting our website. We allow anonymous IP, that means we do not track your IP when visiting our website. We enforce a SSL policy in all pages and tracking. That means simply that you are browsing a secure website, you can read more about SSL security here. Read also about Google Analytics Cookie Policy,


We use Disqus for comments, you can register/login with your social account or using your email. We do not use Facebook comments as we believe their privacy policy is too aggressive. You can, however, login using Facebook or any other social account to post a comment on our website. You can read about Disqus Privacy here