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Life in Italy

February 05, 2019
Life in Italy is beautiful, exciting, fun-filled and easy to get used to… My two years living in Italy were amazing, it has easily been a life-changing experience for myself and helped me to understand what really matters to me in life. I can…
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The 10 most liveable cities in Italy

March 14, 2018
If you are planning to move and live in Italy, then this article will be very useful for you. Italy is a beautiful country. So many cities and so many places to visit and explore, it is a perfect place for holidays, but what about the quality of…
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7 reasons why you should live in Milan

December 30, 2014
As soon as I say Italy there are 3 main things that pop up in your mind: pizza, bolognese and pasta. Am I right? “Il Bel Paese” is well known for its food and the beauty of its cities. But would you live in one of them? What about Milan? The economic…
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