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Expat in Montreal: Sara's story in Canada

July 09, 2021
I came to Montreal in May 2007 with my husband, a nine month old baby and a pink umbrella stroller. Since we had no family or a support here, we decided my husband would go to work and I would stay home taking care of the house and the baby until she…
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Discover Finland and get inspired!

June 24, 2021
We have recently found out that not many people of our community (at least on IG) has travelled to Finland 'till now, so we would like to share some info that might make you curious enough to think about travelling there or maybe moving there too…
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Expat Books: 7 Fictions You Should Read

May 11, 2021
Since I first learned to read, I’ve loved how books allow me to experience adventures beyond my wildest imagination. Through books I’ve been able to travel to distant lands, go into space and even witness history in the making. However, I also love…
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Post Study Work Visa: A Complete Guide

April 17, 2021
If you plan to move to a foreign country for your higher education, be it for bachelors, masters, PHD or any other research study, you must have a student visa. The visa policies and requirements vary from one country to another, which is why you…
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