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Brexit: what is going to change?

January 15, 2021
As we all know, Brexit became a reality since we say goodbye to 2020 and started the new year. We have tried to collect some info that explain a bit what is going to change for travellers, students, expats (already in the Country) and expats-wanna-be…
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A look back at 2020: what a year!

December 27, 2020
The 2020 is the year everybody will remember forever and probably for a lot of reasons. Some of them are probably directly and/or indirectly related to the pandemic of Covid-19. One year has passed and even if I have moved some important steps in my…
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7 Tips to Help Your Expats Children

November 28, 2020
A few weeks ago Nicole Webb, a journalist, writer and speaker, joined one of our live chats on Instagram, a very interesting one which we suggest to watch. Recently, she published a new book, China Blonde, which talks about expat life - moving from…
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The Summary Return of Children

November 20, 2020
With this article we want to share another perspective of Dubai, which is strictly related to single parents who want to leave with their children and they are not allowed. Quite a struggle for many of them who feel trapped and with not many escapes…
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